My Journey

Mana dancing

Recently I heard someone say,
“How far are we willing to go to make our dreams come true?”

My dream is to keep dancing.
And this is my journey.

My entire project is called Dance without Sight, which produces workshops and dance performances. This is inspired by my personal experience. I had been a trained dancer for many years before I experienced complete vision lost in adulthood.  Yet, I would like to think I have overcome many challenges and today, I continue to dance.

As I continued my journey to keep dancing without sight information, I realized that most people, including myself before sight loss, deeply believed that dance was a visually-oriented art form.  This stereotypical and narrow view in fact has closed many possibilities for our bodies and for dance. 
What would happen if we close our eyes, open our hearts and dance?

Dance would become a rich multi-sensory experience.   

With this inspiration, I began the first Dance without Sight Workshop in 2009.  I am very grateful to the first group of sighted and non-sighted artists who were willing to give this a try.  In these workshops, sighted participants were asked to blindfold themselves to expand their creative horizon. Since then, I have given Dance without Sight workshops
within the United States, Europe, and Japan.

To chase my dream, I continue to produce solo contemporary dance performances to connect people of all abilities, through dance – that is one of my goals for Dance without Sight. Disabled Americans are one of the largest minority groups in the country, yet this group is often strangely absent in contemporary performances. I believe everywhere we all share a common human bond – and in this spirit I use dance performances to share with the audience, the blind experience, and in turn, I hope to inspire a fresh vision.

Furthermore, it is my dream to one day produce performances that are accessible to all members of the audience, including those who are blind. I am excited to explore ways to provide audio description for a small group of the blind audience, and experiment with a multi-sensory approach, one element at a time, to turn the needs of an audience with disabilities into a fountain of inspiration for the dance field. 

In 2015, I hope to be able to take a step closer towards fulfilling my dream. I was able to come this far because of you.  Your support gives me energy and your feedback gives me inspiration. And I hope you will stay with me to help me make this a reality!

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